Association of law 1901, created in 1998 in Grenoble, France.  About 140 membersas of 2014.

Core activities: Drive of a Development Aid Program , since 2003, inKabul;  Organization of cultural and information sharing events;  Supportto young Afghan migrants, in our province of Isere. 


Board of 13 members, elected during the yearly General Assembly + an executive board.  Activity and Financial reports are published on our web site.

Monthly project and activity review, w/ meeting notes .Audit and Evaluation mission carried out in Afghanistan, every 2 years.  Report published.


Headquarter in Grenoble:  project management office and commissions (activity organization andcommunication). All members are volunteers. Operating cost are below 0,1% of our resources.

Kabul team : 1 Head of mission + 1 project manager +  1 admin support. Yearly cost of our Kabul team is around 9 000 €.


Development Aid Programfocusing on2 locations of Kabul province: District 7 et Village of AliceGhan.  This program is managed on the long run and driven end to end by EPA.

Qualification of needs and solution deployment withlocalbeneficiaries and parties (Community Councils, school management teams, public authorities) .