We bring hope to Afghanistan



Early childhood education has been our key priority from day one and we decided, in 2003,  to support Ali Shams pre school, in district 7. In 2006, we extended our support to Tchelsetoun pre school and signed a Memorandum with the National Directorate of Afghan, Kindergartens (NDAK). In 2015 we inaugurated a pre school in the village of Alice Ghan....


Women Community Centers

More than 90% of Afghan women are illetrate and non skilled. Afghanistan holds also the world record of maternal and neonatal mortality. Our contribution in fighthing this disastrous situation goes through the 2 women Community Centers we've set up in 2010 and 2014, providing educational and vocational training  as well as free gynecology and maternity consultations. 


Micro Credits

This program started at the end of 2007. 11 micro credits have been granted so far to local farmers and 5 others to craftsmen.  Until end of 2014, a total amount of 16 000 € has been released to this program. One of the reasons of support for farmers is that the 7th district supplied previously more than 30 % of Kabul’s vegetable needs and these lands and activity are now threatened by the galloping real estate anarchy.